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About Locksmith Near Me Finder

Who we are, our mission and goals

About Us

Locksmith is a very competitive business and locksmithnearmefinder.com was developed for both locksmith providers to attract more clients and the community to connect them with reliable locksmiths in their area.

As a marketing agency that has worked in the locksmith industry for over 10 years, we understand the industry is in danger and our aim is to ensure the viability of the locksmith profession for another century and beyond. Locksmith Near Me was created to ensure that the verified, trusted locksmiths get credit (more sales) for their hardwork and people in need of a professional assistance in opening locked doors get the best and reliable provider in their area.

For Locksmiths

The directory enables the service providers to share their business information like their business phone number, links to their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others), contact address, website URL and other useful details. They will also be able to share pictures of their previous works and videos, get reviews from happy customers to build trust and credibility. The good thing is that there are no restrictions on who can contact them. Below are the benefits the locksmiths will enjoy

  • Full access to our powerful front-end user dashboard for locksmith providers with the claimed listing to take full control of their business page and increase their revenue.
  • Get more leads through the lead form, whatapp line and direct phone number on their business page
  • They can monitor views, leads, and reviews on their listing
  • Create ad campaign for their listing
  • Create and manage bookings on their listing

Locksmithnearmefinder offers locksmiths a stage to expose their business in the most simple and direct way. We accept registration from professional local locksmiths around the world to get more calls for jobs in their community and other areas where they provide their services.

What is a claimed listing?

A business listing that has not been claimed yet may not have accurate information. Claiming a listing is a means of verifying the ownership of the business and authorization to manage the listing. This comes with a cheap price to claim your business listing and update your information regularly. A Claimed listing will also give the authorized owner the access to our powerful user dashboard to have full control over their listing as mentioned above.

With the claimed access, a user can:

  • Review any existing information
  • Fix incorrect details or any important info that is missing such as business name and address, phone number, website address, business categories and other required details
  • Add photos and videos
  • Manage reviews on your listing
  • Create ad campaigns and more
  • Use our analytics to learn more about the customers coming through your door.

Increase Your Revenue

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For Customers

We provide an easy way for the community to access a verified list of a local locksmith in their area without the fear of not getting what they really want. All listed locksmith service providers whether claimed or not has undergone a verification process and customers can be assured they are approaching a trusted and reliable locksmith provider.

We are aware that most customers call for the service of a locksmith at a vulnerable time and there are so many stories of them waiting for hours for the locksmith they call to arrive only for them to discover that the locksmith has no experience and it is not even a local locksmith in the area thereby wasting their time to get the job done. This is a common problem in the industry and we aim to assist the customers to find an experienced local locksmith in their area who will arrive in less than 10 minutes. This is absolutely free of charge.

Locksmith Near Me Finder will also solve the solution of paying exorbitant prices to inexperienced locksmith companies using low-cost labour and to promote trusted, reliable and independent local locksmiths around the world.